Code of Ethics ICEF

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF EXCELLENCE IN FITNESS (ICEF), has its own code of ethics, allowing to shape and identify the criteria, standards and values that must be met by Fitness professionals.

These rules, criteria and values have been agreed upon based on the experience of many personal trainers and professional in the Fitness sector, and are the example to be followed, with the aim of developing an appropriate work and helping that part of society that requests the services of these professionals, getting full satisfaction from the proper execution of their work.

Professionalism, Above All

The Fitness sector has become one of the most important employment sectors in recent years. One of the main reasons, has been the change in society towards a healthier lifestyle linked to physical activity.

That is why personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF must be the serious and responsible image of this important sector, and thus must act appropriately and accordingly to the work responsibility they have.

All ICEF certified Fitness professionals shall always bear in mind this code of ethics when performing their work and maintaining that responsibility in all aspects related to their client, beyond their personal interests.

Offering a Standard in your Professional Practice

The work of an ICEF-certified Fitness professional should be based on scientific evidence, resulting from the various studies and research conducted by recognized institutions and researchers.

This knowledge covers a wide range of fields related to the Fitness and sports training, such as physiotherapy, medicine, nutrition or sports psychology.

In this manner, every professional certified by ICEF guarantees to offer a reliable and quality service to all their clients, with a solid and consolidated knowledge basis.

Ensuring the Health of your Customers Through First Aid

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals must be able to give first aid techniques when necessary.

Therefore, they should keep their knowledge of this field up to date, as well as being certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Semi-automatic Defibrillation (SAD).

The No Harm Principle

The professional work of personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF, will involve making decisions related to the prescription of physical exercise of their clients, and their physical assessment.

All these decisions must be based, at all times, on this principle. Thus, the personal trainer or Fitness professional certified by ICEF ensures that their professional work is carried out safely for their clients.

Kindness, Always Comes First

Personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF, represent the professional figure that allows people who decide to hire their services, to achieve the goal they have set.

The decisions made by these professionals in their day-to-day, with the work of these clients, shall be based on following the most appropriate path towards this objective, obtaining, along this path, the greatest possible benefits.

Developing as Prepared, Active and Wise Professionals

The Fitness and training sector is in constant evolution, as a result of the numerous studies and research carried out in this field. This means that new methods, techniques, trends or discoveries in this field are constantly appearing.

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals are highly qualified professionals, and must keep updating themselves, throughout their careers, through a process of continuous training in those topics related to their work.

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals must know perfectly what their professional competencies are and must act accordingly. Under no circumstances will they exceed their competency by making decisions or diagnoses that are not within the competency of this professional figure, except when they have the qualifications to do so.

Every ICEF certified personal trainer and Fitness professional must remain attentive, at all times, to the work performed by their clients, in order to reduce risks and ensure the proper execution of the exercises.

Always Acting as Qualified Professionals

Personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF, must present themselves as professionals that are able to offer the best service to their clients.

This, in addition to being reflected in the work offered to these clients, must also be reflected in their language and clothing, so that they are able to inspire confidence and security to the people or entities that have decided to hire their services. They should also bear in mind that they should never show bad or unhealthy habits near the sports facilities where they carry out their professional work.

Knowing at All Times the Health Condition of Their Clients

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals must know, from the outset, the health condition of each and every client who hires their services.

Thanks to this, they will be able to elaborate work and training programs adapted to each one of them according to this condition, so that the working relationship between both is safe.

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals should be aware that all data relating to the health of their clients is confidential, and that in no case will such information be shared without the express consent of the client.

Working in a Work Environment that Respects Customers, Colleagues and the Work Environment

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals will maintain, at all times, an attitude of respect towards their clients, and towards their fellow professionals in the Fitness industry and other related sectors.

Any kind of discriminatory attitude shall be avoided, whatever the cause may be, as well as opinions and value judgments based on rumors or ideas without solid scientific evidence.

Personal trainers and Fitness  professionals certified by ICEF must respect and keep clean the environment in which they are working, whether it is a Fitness room, the street or the natural environment, during the performance of their work activity.

Civil Liability

The professional task of the personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF, presumes to work with people constantly, guiding the type of physical work that they must carry out.

As in all professional sectors, this work is not exempt from risk. Therefore, professionals certified by ICEF who work independently, must have a civil liability insurance in force in order to cover any accident that may occur during their work sessions.

When ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals   are employed by others, the civil liability insurance obligation is on the hiring party.

Honesty as an Asset towards the Customer

ICEF-certified personal trainers and Fitness professionals   must always show an honest attitude towards their clients.

The professional relationship between both should be based on respect, honesty and the will to offer, always, the best possible service, avoiding misleading publicity or information that could lead to misunderstandings.

Furthermore, personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF should explain, at all times, the economic cost of their services.

Ensuring the Proper Maintenance of Equipment and Materials

Personal trainers and Fitness professionals certified by ICEF, must ensure at all times that the equipment, machines and material used with their customers is in good condition.

In this way, it ensures that the professional work is carried out in a safe manner for the clients and the service offered is characterized by excellence and good execution.