Who is ICEF?

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF EXCELLENCE IN FITNESS (ICEF), was created based on 7th and 12th articles of the UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, in order to recognize professional exellence in sports, is a leading international certifying agency for its prestige, the purpose of the Commission of Professional Fitness Excellence is  to grant the Certification (ICEF) with the Seal of Quality and Excellence, to Personal Trainers and/or Coaches of different Fitness specializations, analyzing meticulously their qualification on the basis of their training, based on measurable parameters, thus obtaining different levels of professional excellence requiring equal qualification standards in any country in the world.

Given the rigor of the Certification,  it is possible to clearly assess and identify those professionals in the industry, better qualified, who become part of the international registry   as certified Quality and Excellence Fitness Professionals  (ICEF) and their level of excellence, adding the guarantee on their activity to  their resumes, showing transparency, as well as inspiring confidence to the sport organization or individual who requires their services in any country.

The obligation of the International Commission of Professional Excellence in Fitness (ICEF), is to make the certification accessible to professionals who demonstrate such quality and their commitment to it.

The assessment of the Certification (ICEF) has been developed through a series of items exhaustively designed by a Fitness Experts Committee.

The areas it certifies are the rigorousness and quality of the training acquired, as well as the professional experience within the sector.